First Year Update

This is our first year and life here is always an adventure. We rent a little acre of farm land. Alice and Colette live on the farm in a 1983 Pace Arrow motorhome that they recently renovated and all our other workers commute out by car or bike when they are able to. Overnight/long term visitors find our accommodations to be a lot (or, rather, exactly like) camping. The farm's kitchen is in an old pig shed, which with the help of our friend Lee we have started to fix up. We have well water as well as a rain collection system, limited electricity (we have dreams of powering the farm by other means, but aren't quite there yet). This winter we will be relocating to town for the coldest months, but our future goal is to be sufficiently winterized to survive a midwestern winter on the farm.

Welcome to Our New Website

Hi everyone! This is my first blog entry. I'm learning how to use our web site and a little secret code. Keep coming back to see our site as it takes shape. - alice

July Update

this is really quick, because we are all in the middle of moving, and cleaning. The ryan family is coming back tomorrow, and we are very thankful for our time in their wonderful house, right next to our farm. Ellen and Willa are moving into town and Alice and Colette will be roughing it out at the farm. Not quite so rough, we just received a nice, used RV this morning and it's parked out at the farm. All of life's modern conveniences on wheels, though we're not able to hook anything up to it yet. We are working on getting some electricity so that we can run the well, and have a refrigerator for our produce.

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