construction progress

we are making some progress on our construction!
i know it's december and almost Christmas, but we're doing the best we can.

we're actually further than this, and i will try to post some better pictures tomorrow.

on farm research 2015

this past week I went to the practical farmers of iowa cooperator meeting where I had a lot of fun hearing about farmers fun practical on farm research this past year and we brainstormed and starting designing potential research projects for next year. if you want to read the full reports of two of our projects from last year - check out their website:
for the pepper report, go to:


a note from 12.17.15. our swap was a great success with great food, great folks, and lots of exchange of wonderful things. there was plenty leftover and lots of helpers so we were able to give good donations to the Bethesda clothing pantry, Clothing for Work, and the goodwill. we all had so much fun that I don't think anyone took any pictures. sorry about that! - alice

Mustard Seed Farm would like to invite everyone to a swap and potluck at 6:00 pm Dec. 12th, at Community of Christ Church, 104 N Wilmoth Ave, Ames, Iowa 50014

hoarfrost and other pictures

a beautiful frosty morning and some other pictures...

some encouraging progress on our basement. not really sure how it's humanly possible to finish this project now that it's December - any ideas?

and some dyed fabric

prairie report Nov. '15 from Nate

Native Revegetation; Forbes and Grasses at Mustard Seed Farm
Fall 2015 report; summary and planning

Prairie Restoration.

last harvest saturday 11.14.2015 1-4pm

hello mustard seed friends,

would you like to come out and harvest the last of the things in the field?

Garlic planting day (tomorrow!!!!)

Hey Folks, we're looking for volunteers for . . . .

Garlic Planting Day, Sat Oct 17th, 9-5

Its that time of the season to get next year's garlic in the ground. It seems like we just got done processing this years, but here we are. We'd love to have you join us. Its a very satisfying work day to be involved in, speaking from 6 years of experience, and it should be a sunny day, though very cool in the morning, so dress accordingly. Come whenever you can if you can't make the whole thing and we'll get you rolled into to the fun. Bring home some garlic to eat too!

We'd love to have your leaves!!!!

Mustard Seed is looking for leaves again this fall, to save for mulching potatoes next summer.

Please consider saving your bagged leaves for us. If you can bring them out, wonderful. If not, no problem, we'll pick them up with our pickup as we have time and make trips to town.

Black plastic bags or paper bags are fine. Try to keep pine needles, black walnuts and locust pods out as not great for garden purposes.

Call or text me, Nate, at 515-231-2002 to arrange pickup or delivery. Thank you mulchly!

Cider Pressing and Upcoming Workdays

Hey folks!

Mustard Seed Community Farm has several great opportunities to get involved coming up, activities we could also sure use your help on; Sweet Potato Digging, Cider Pressing and Garlic Planting.

Sweet Potatoes. Help us bring in this year's harvest. This Saturday 9/19, 9am-12pm.
Cider Pressing. Bring apples and containers. A fun time. Sat 9/26 9am-12pm.
Garlic Planting. A big but exciting and satisfying job. Sat 10/17 9am-5pm.

Grateful for, thankful to . .

Hello all,

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