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css june 7-10 2016

WE SERIOUSLY NEED HELP! - strawberry picking and more


This has been a perfect spring, with mild weather and plenty of rain. Everything (that we’ve gotten planted) is growing in leaps and bounds. In particular, we have tons of strawberries and weeds! Could you come help us pick strawberries and/or weed? Both of these jobs are simple and extremely satisfying. Or even better, could you invite a friend or organize a group of folks to come out to work together, like a youth group, your book club, a faith group, your family, someone you have a crush on?

friday june 3 - concert on the farm

this Friday, june 3 - potluck and concert on the farm - 6-8:30pm. we will get our food and start the music right away.
opening will be a short set by the porch stompers followed by the LEONAS.

Stephanie Plant was an intern at the mustard seed farm in 2010 and her music is amazing. Her original music is melodious, spirited, inspiring, and quirky. She might be the best singer I know. Listening to her makes me happy. invite your friends (personally and maybe on facebook too)

vegetables galore!

we've been harvesting for 3 weeks now. here's the newsletter for today's box

workday and biodynamic talk - NOTE NEW LOCATION FOR BIODYNAMIC WORKSHOP - 1626 Burnett in Ames

thanks everyone for all your wonderful help, support, and company at our fun-raising event this past saturday! i think we all had a lot of fun and we made about $2,500 to help put new roofs on our buildings and hopefully help the farm to clinic program get up and running this year.

just to let you know about 2 upcoming things at the farm -
april 23 workday


ag-arts local wonders

here's a fun event, (not hosted by us) that folks might be interested in.

bring a dish to share and some cash to put into the pot. then listen to agricultural art proposals, vote for your favorite and the winner takes home the pot to help them complete the project. I think the mustard seed farm will have a proposal to present. Often it seems like the prize goes to whoever has the most friends there - so invite your friends but vote for whatever project you like the best!

April 16 Fun-raising event and season schedule

Dear friends,

Happy spring!
With spring comes more exciting times at the farm. Included in this email is
1. a tentative schedule of work days and farm events for the season
(dates closer to now are most accurate but everything depends on weather),
2. information for our spring fun-raising event. (date is accurate!)

in reverse order!!!!


potluck sat feb 27 and other events

please join us for another winter potluck!


this one is next Saturday evening, february 27th 6pm - 8pm at Helen Gunderson's house:

February at the Farm

Well, its messy out there! Snow's melting fast as we speak and there was a good share of it this year. Soil should have plenty of moisture going into early spring, especially with record rainfall in December. The house's addition, which will feature a sun-room for starting plants as well as a basement for storm shelter, has seen significant progress and, though not yet complete, will be in functional mode for spring activities. Four trays of onions and some other early starts are mostly germinated and on their way.

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