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garlic harvest begins - call for helpers

Hey Folks, we'll be starting to harvest garlic tomorrow (Saturday the 2nd) at the farm and would love your help if you have the time and inclination. Its a big but interesting job and you won't have to worry about vampires for a while. I realize its the 4th weekend, but still am putting out the word in case. Garlic is always has unpredictable timing but large parts of our planting look more than ready. Its one of our biggest harvests of the season and you will be able to bring some home. 8-12 and/or 1-5 or whenever you can make it.

Hope you can make it! - Nate

no more strawberries

the strawberries are over!
in this beautiful picture you can catch a glimpse of the edge of our strawberry bed.
it is getting dry and crispy because we have had no rain in June. a lot of things are struggling, but these flowers look lovely.

july events


we will be having 2 potlucks with discussion/activities in july: dinner at 6pm, discussion at 7pm. these are both saturdays. the potluck on August 6- we will start a little earlier, 5;30 for dinner, because we have a lot to discuss.

Saturday, July 9 potluck topic: pie making - we're still working out the details of this one, but it should be fun and delicious.

Saturday, july 23 potluck and discussion: Spiritual Ecology led by Alice McGary and the Ames area Franciscan associates

strawberry gleaning

the strawberries are winding to a close. we have stopped picking them for distribution because we don't have enough time and we have TONS of other tasks to do. there are still really yummy strawberries out there. they are not as numerous, not as large, but just as delicious. if you would like to come out and pick for yourself and friends, you are welcome, as long as we know you are coming. no need to pay for the berries, but if you have bit of time, we could use some help WEEDING.

give us a call on the telephone if you want to come,

css june 7-10 2016

WE SERIOUSLY NEED HELP! - strawberry picking and more


This has been a perfect spring, with mild weather and plenty of rain. Everything (that we’ve gotten planted) is growing in leaps and bounds. In particular, we have tons of strawberries and weeds! Could you come help us pick strawberries and/or weed? Both of these jobs are simple and extremely satisfying. Or even better, could you invite a friend or organize a group of folks to come out to work together, like a youth group, your book club, a faith group, your family, someone you have a crush on?

friday june 3 - concert on the farm

this Friday, june 3 - potluck and concert on the farm - 6-8:30pm. we will get our food and start the music right away.
opening will be a short set by the porch stompers followed by the LEONAS.

Stephanie Plant was an intern at the mustard seed farm in 2010 and her music is amazing. Her original music is melodious, spirited, inspiring, and quirky. She might be the best singer I know. Listening to her makes me happy. invite your friends (personally and maybe on facebook too)

vegetables galore!

we've been harvesting for 3 weeks now. here's the newsletter for today's box

workday and biodynamic talk - NOTE NEW LOCATION FOR BIODYNAMIC WORKSHOP - 1626 Burnett in Ames

thanks everyone for all your wonderful help, support, and company at our fun-raising event this past saturday! i think we all had a lot of fun and we made about $2,500 to help put new roofs on our buildings and hopefully help the farm to clinic program get up and running this year.

just to let you know about 2 upcoming things at the farm -
april 23 workday


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