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this is now our address all year round!!!
Mustard Seed Community Farm
366 W Ave.
Ames, IA 50014

We are 100% volunteer, and we're always looking for more folks to help out.

Come spring, this is what things are like on the farm: Most of the time, someone is there Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, during normal "business" hours and we would love your help. Almost all the work is manual labor, though there is quite a variation in skill and strength requirements. The best strategy is to make arrangements beforehand, or second best: call the day before to make sure we'll be there, or take your chances with dropping by.
Specifically we need:
1. Very focused workers Tuesday and Friday mornings starting in June for the intense harvesting and food-packing times. Wednesday, Friday afternoon, and Saturday are more flexible, laid back times.
2. Anyone skilled in mechanics or carpentry,
3. People interested in harvesting and/or delivering food to soup kitchens or anyone in need.
4. Some folks who want to live/camp with us this growing season.
5. Community members in Boone or Story County who can connect us with their community and help us more equitably distribute our food and resources.

During the growing season, please contact us if you are looking for fresh veggies, for sale or for free.

and a few material needs:
1. old candles, wax, or other candle making supplies.
2. hay, straw, leaves, or other mulchy or composty things
3. hoes, or hose.
4. a wheelbarrow or garden cart
5. waterproof mattresses (like for kids, or inflatable)
6. in the spring - trees, or perennials,
7. clean plastic bags
8. SEEDS!!!
9. hand-laundering equipment
10. Financial donations to help us pay for our new land.
11. Rain barrels

For inquiries, contact Alice McGary at 515-460-1467. or email . please be patient if you don't get an email response right away.

if you would like to receive the Catholic Worker Farmer - a twice a year publication (physical, not virtual) printing the thoughts and news of CW farmers around the world, send your mailing address to or call Alice.

this is now our address all year round!!!
Mustard Seed Community Farm
366 W Ave.
Ames, IA 50014

a new note from spring 2013
This spring we are building an awesome, useful and beautiful outdoor kitchen on the farm. Our friend Mark Strobbe is going to help us build a timber framed structure at the end of may and the beginning of June, and then our friend Beth Campbell will be coming to teach a natural building class from June 15-21. Beth and her class will be shaping the walls and internal structure and we will learn a number of building techniques using all natural and recycled materials. We're hoping to have 10 students for this week long class, each paying about $200 to cover Beth's time and traveling expenses. There's a nice poster about this, and some facebook hoopla, and also if you have specific questions, you can call Alice 515-460-1467.
Ideally we would love to make this building out of 100% recycled materials. The exciting thing about working with 2 great craftspeople and designers is that we can be creative and flexible and use interesting or mismatched components that might be otherwise neglected. We have a long list of supplies that we are looking for. Please contact Alice on the telephone if you have any of these things for sale or for free, or if you would like to be involved in any part of this project.

Lumber (preferably 8' or longer):
9 posts: 6”x6” or 8”x8”
planks for shutters and slat walls
wood for shelving
various other sizes including odd or interesting

metal roofing
fasteners, screws, nails, hinges

water proof things:
concrete blocks (or scrap concrete in manageable sizes and useful shapes)
stone countertop
pretty colored wine bottles

stainless steel counters
wash basins like:
old cabinets
a medium size window with screen and glass
a 32” screen door

linseed oil

tools to borrow:
skill saw,
hand tools for carpentry, plastering,
tubs and totes
old handsaws for cob
sharp handsaws for wood

We are also expanding our farm a lot, and we are looking for things like
fence posts – various sizes and materials
and we are suddenly acquiring buildings in various states of disrepair that need some tlc
we are looking for outdoor primer and paint for fixing our buildings, and some skilled helpers.

thanks for your time, your help, your awesomeness