craft retreat jan 20-25

Come join us for a CRAFT RETREAT this WINTER!
in the convenient location in the center of the US, AMES, IA. Jan 20-25, 2009
On those chilly short days/long nights, what's better than to hang with a bunch of catholic workers spinning wool and making candles? Come for the whole time, or when you can make it. There will be instruction in pottery (wheel thrown and handbuilt), knitting, candle making, spinning, and possibly more(quilting if requested) . There will be time for rest, prayer, reflection, creativity, and fellowship. Because pottery has so many steps, if you want to take finished pots home with you, plan on coming for the whole time. Housing and food provided, and God willing, all supply expenses will also be covered.

Tentative schedule:
Tuesday and Wednesday 20-21 Making pottery
Thurday: am: load and start firing first kiln.
Rest of the day, candles, knitting, sewing
Friday: unload kiln. Glaze pottery, load and start glaze firing.
Rest of the day, miscellaneous crafts.
Saturday: Spinning
Sunday: church and unload kiln. Get finished pots and go home.

The Pottery and Spinning parts of this week will be according to the schedule, while the other crafts are quite flexible and dependent on the eagerness of the learners. Please let us know what you are most interested in learning.

Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly. 515-460-1467 or
Alice McGary at the mustard seed community farm
1120 Garfield Ave(winter address) our rest of year address is 366 W ave
Ames, Ia 50014