An Awesome Chard Sonnet

By Milli Zonarich and Thomas Estabrook

Shall I compare thee to a summer chard?
Chard art so yummy and nutrition rich.
It outshines the lesser plants that fill the yard
And casts its regal gleam on every inch.
This leafy green with earthy tone of beet,
Delight of stir fries and of salads,
With vitamins and minerals replete,
It earns it's place in this interns' ballad.
Resplendent colors shimmer in our gaze,
Beholding its chromatic majesty,
All other vegetation sings its praise,
Alas, no such thing can be said for thee.
Don't take offense - thine beauty doth blossom.
It's not thee, it's just that chard is awesome.