Thank you!!

a brief thank you written by some of the interns, with a picture of some of the interns, starring sam's sprained ankle.

This is a thank you to everybody who has supported our farm throughout the years. Thanks to you, we've recently built a new pond designed to support our prairie ecosystem, as well as filter agricultural run-off before it reaches squaw creek. We converted the space above our outdoor kitchen into a living area for summer interns, and we've just added a new window to the red shed! In addition to all of these amazing improvements to the farm, we are also tremendously thankful for everything that has been done to keep the farm following its mission of providing good community for all friends of the farm and increasing access to tasty vegetables to people in the vicinity of Ames. See the pictures posted below for a glimpse into the amazing things that your contributions allow us to do!

more pictures are coming soon!