last harvest saturday 11.14.2015 1-4pm

hello mustard seed friends,

would you like to come out and harvest the last of the things in the field?

it's been a long mild fall, with lots of beautiful days to be outside. While some years we might have snow or frozen ground by now, we haven't even had our first freeze yet this year.* This Saturday (11/14/15) looks to be another lovely day, so I thought I'd invite anyone out for a final harvest shift from 1-4pm. we will be harvesting cabbage, turnips, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, romanesco, arugula, mustardgreens, radishes apios, sunchokes, and lots of kale. we also have some garlic and winter squash to share with Saturday's crew. depending on how many of us there are, we might do a few end of season tasks - like mulching parsnips or something.

we definitely want to know if you are coming, and because we will be packing boxes, we need folks to arrive at 1pm (if you want veggies). call alice on the telephone - 515-460-1467 to rsvp. and carpooling is highly recommended.

it will be great to see you!


alice mcg

*(Climate change is terrifying and brings us November tornadoes, waves of extinctions, and a crisis for every species on the planet, but it also sometimes brings pleasant weather)