February at the Farm

Well, its messy out there! Snow's melting fast as we speak and there was a good share of it this year. Soil should have plenty of moisture going into early spring, especially with record rainfall in December. The house's addition, which will feature a sun-room for starting plants as well as a basement for storm shelter, has seen significant progress and, though not yet complete, will be in functional mode for spring activities. Four trays of onions and some other early starts are mostly germinated and on their way. In a week and half or so, additional trays will be be started for vegies as well as prairie plants.

The chickens are happy to be out and about again and will hopefully start laying more eggs with more exposure to sunshine. The cat Shadowbeast is also enjoying the warmer weather to patrol "his" farm.

We're hoping to get more pictures and blog posts up in the next few weeks as action ramps up farm-wise. Keep checking in and try to be patient with our slow digital presence!