july events


we will be having 2 potlucks with discussion/activities in july: dinner at 6pm, discussion at 7pm. these are both saturdays. the potluck on August 6- we will start a little earlier, 5;30 for dinner, because we have a lot to discuss.

Saturday, July 9 potluck topic: pie making - we're still working out the details of this one, but it should be fun and delicious.

Saturday, july 23 potluck and discussion: Spiritual Ecology led by Alice McGary and the Ames area Franciscan associates
How does your spirituality help you understand our current ecological crisis? How does the natural world inspire your spirituality? As always, all faiths and beliefs are invited. Bring a reading or an idea to share.

Saturday, August 6 - Class Conscious - Suzanne Zilber - dinner starting at 5;30, discussion at 6:30.
We will explore how social class influences our values, coping styles, and expectations about others. This interactive workshop includes videos, self-reflection, and group discussion. Time permitting, we may discuss how class issues influence how we collaborate for the farm. If you cannot attend, you may be interested in looking at www.uufames.org/content/class-conscious.
Suzanne Zilber, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

hope to see you soon,