garlic harvest

Hey Folks, we'll be starting to harvest garlic tomorrow (Saturday the 2nd) at the farm and would love your help if you have the time and inclination. Its a big but interesting job and you won't have to worry about vampires for a while. I realize its the 4th weekend, but still am putting out the word in case. Garlic is always has unpredictable timing but large parts of our planting look more than ready. Its one of our biggest harvests of the season and you will be able to bring some home. 8-12 and/or 1-5 or whenever you can make it.

Hope you can make it! - Nate

also, notice in this picture the difference between the near field and far field. same garlic variety, i think, but just a soil difference. the big garlics grew in a soil with much higher organic matter. this year we are seeing much more dramatic differences between our soils because of this crazy hot dry june and all the stress on the plants.