sept 3 potluck - classism intersecting with other oppressions

hi everyone,

VERY IMPORTANT: i miswrote the address for saturdays potluck
THE REAL ADDRESS IS: 801 Crystal St, Ames IA
time: saturday sept 3, 5;30-8pm
potluck dinner followed by workshop:

interactive session will focus on types of classism and ways other forms of oppression intersect with classism. this is session 2 of Suzanne's classism series. it will be different and independent from the last workshop on class (meaning, it's ok if you didn't go to the first one).

Also, the weather looks really nice for saturday. If you would like to come out to the farm in the morning to help us dig the last of the potatoes, do some weeding, and help yourself to U-PICK GREEN BEANS AND FLOWERS, you are welcome from 9am-noon.