Catholic Worker Farm gathering -- February 17th--20th

Catholic Worker Farm gathering -- February 17th--20th -- All are welcome (not just Catholic Worker Farmers!) -- Hosted by St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm

Empire Falls: Practical Strategies for Living the Green Revolution

Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day believed the Catholic Worker movement was a light amid the darkness of modern empire. The same holds true today just as it did in 1933. This weekend of fellowship, roundtable discussions & presentations, a barn dance, St. Isidore farm tour, prayer, and great food will be rooted in an awareness that now, as always, we desperately need to simultaneously resist empire and build constructive alternatives, rooted in the land.

Where: First English Lutheran Church (215 W. Pine St.), Platteville, Wisconsin (20 miles north of Dubuque, IA; 80 miles southwest of Madison, WI; 8 miles north of St. Isidore CWF)

RSVP's are encouraged, especially if you'll need bed space beyond a church floor.

Weekend Roundtables:
"Craft, Skill, and Cottage Industry" - Betsy Keenan, Strangers & Guests CWF (Maloy, IA)
"Permaculture DeMystified" - Bob Waldrop, Oscar Romero CW (Oklahoma City, OK)
"Saving Seed" - Alice McGary, Mustard Seed CWF (Ames, IA)
"Market Farming" - Sara and Paul Freid, Lake City CWF (Lake City, MN)
"Toward Fossil Fuel-Free Living" - Regina Rust, White Rose CWF (La Plata, MO)
"Cows Can Save the Planet--Or How 'Cowspiracy' Gets It All Wrong" - Mike Miles, Anathoth CWF
"Indigenous Sovereignty and the Land" - Ashley Hand, Red Earth Gardens (Iowa)
"Coping with Climate Instability" - Joanna Hoyt, St. Francis CWF (NY)
"Restorative Agriculture Practices" - Jake Olzen, Lake City CWF (MN)

Flexible Weekend Structure:

Friday: Arrive any time after 4pm; 6pm - Supper

Saturday: 7:30am - Breakfast
9 - Welcome and Introductions
10 - Plenary Talk: "An Idea Whose Time Has Come--The Vision of Peter Maurin" - Brian Terrell, Strangers and Guests (Maloy, IA)
11 - Roundtables #1
12:15 - Lunch
2pm - Roundtables #2
3:30 - Roundtables #3
5 - Break
6 - Supper
Skits and Talent Show

Sunday: 7am - Breakfast
8 - Free Time/Church
Noon - Lunch
1pm - Roundtables #4
2:45 - Roundtables #5 (including St. Isidore CWF Farm Tour)
4 - Barn Dance at St. Isidore CWF
6 - Supper back at Lutheran Church

Monday: Breakfast and Departure


St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm
2752 Clay Hollow Rd.
Cuba City, WI 53807