spring workdays

The season is warming up and it is almost time to start planting. We have already started planting seeds in trays inside the house and greenhouse, and starting April first, we will begin planting outside. Every week we will get more things in the ground. For me it is an exciting time on the farm - to witness the return of life, light, and warmth after the long winter. i get to be outside as birds return and all our dormant plants start waking up and i get to put little seeds and plants into the ground to begin their life-cycle anew.

It is also an exciting time to come out and help on the farm, and there is so much to do, that your help makes a tremendous difference.

we have a number of scheduled workdays for the spring, but we are also able to schedule a time for you or a group to come out and help if these dates don't work for you.

Sat April 1: First planting: 1-5pm. Spinach, peas, trees, etc
Sat April 15, 9am-4pm: planting potatoes, onions, kale, etc. potluck lunch noon-1
Sat April 22, 1-5pm: planting cabbage, broccoli, etc.
Sun May 21, 1-4pm: planting tomato, pepper, eggplant, etc.
June: we will need help picking strawberries at many times - especially sundays. please check later, or call or email to schedule.
Sun June 4, 1-4pm: planting sweet potato and prairie
Sat July 8, 9am-4pm: garlic harvest