the work is seriously intense right now!

hi farm team and friends,

the work on the farm is seriously intense right now!

we are planting our warm season crops and the ones we planted earlier
are starting to need weeding. Our intern Claire is moving out to the
farm on tuesday and the others are coming next monday and there's
still a lot more home preparation and kitchen prep to do to switch to
our summer living formation. also, we are starting to sell at farmers
market next saturday and i am way behind on the things i need to do.
the weather has been beautiful! the work is exciting! i am just
falling behind.

if anyone wanted to come out anytime this week (except thursday) we
could probably really use your help. we could especially use help on
if you wanted to encourage a group to come out and help, sunday
afternoon the 21st would be beautiful.

please text or call if you are planning to come out.

you are all wonderful!