first CSA delivery

This coming week we will be delivering our first boxes of veggies. Here is the CSA sheet made by Claire Boeke.

There are lots of leafy things at the beginning of the season because they grow the quickest and like cool weather. Over the next few weeks there will be radishes and sweet hakurai turnips in the box. The greens are edible and a little spicy. Both the root and the greens will keep longer if they are separated, so cut the tops off and bag them separately in your fridge.
The lemon sorrel, turnip and radish greens are very flavorful! Unless you like really intense salads, i recommend mixing them with the more mild lettuce, spinach, and boc choi greens. I also like radish greens on a sandwich to replace both lettuce and mustard at once. These greens are all great cooked too.
**** and your chive flowers are edible, beautiful, and super zingy!****