An Introduction

Hey there,

Just for clarification, this is not Alice posting. It’s Derek, one of the farm’s interns. Hi. Welcome to my first entry regarding my time on the farm.

As a bit of an introduction, I’m going into my second year at Luther College this coming fall. I’m an English major there. At the farm, I focus on the kale, as all interns get to choose a crop to study. Included in this post is a photo of the kale. As you can see, we’ve got quite a few varieties, such as winterbor, scarlet, and dinosaur kale. You’ll hear more on kale in future posts.

Now, you might be wondering, what does an internship at Mustard Seed entail? Well, we help out during harvest times by leading crews, making the whole morning more efficient. We write the farm side of the newsletter that comes in our produce boxes. As stated earlier, we choose one crop to study and complete a report by the time we leave. We also cook meals for the farm, giving a cool connection of cooking what we harvest. Pretty awesome. As an intern who commutes to the farm, I have fewer tasks, as those who live on the farm also take care of chickens and watering duties in the evening. Perhaps one of them would be happy to tell you more; I’m not exactly the best person to ask about details on those activities. Alright, that’s good enough for this post. Stay fresh.