An Intern's Experience

One year ago, as a high school graduate from the Chicago suburbs, I could not have guessed the impact attending school in Iowa would have on me. My first semester at Grinnell, I enrolled in a biology class focused on plant reproduction, where I quickly developed an interest in the ethics of agriculture.
Coming to live at Mustard Seed, another school of sorts, solidified my interest in farming, but more specifically in the value of growing local and food donation. Many times since my arrival it's been emphasized that everyone, including those unable to pay, deserve high quality and nutritious food. Although I've always felt this way, it's not often I hear it vocalized. It has been amazing to see the priorities of a community organization align with my own and to experience the satisfaction that comes from providing healthy food to those in need.
I now plan to double major in Biology and Economics, in hopes that it will lead to a career involving food sovereignty in low income communities.

Post written Hannah Galloway, Summer 2017 Intern.