Interview with Hannah Galloway 8/4/17

(Interviewer: Derek Lin)

(Preface: Hannah was an intern at the farm this summer as well as a student at Grinnell College. You might know her from a newsletter she wrote. You may have met her at a harvest or at the farmers' market. But for those who had not met her, here's a glimpse into her time on the farm. As all of our interns were interesting people, I decided to start doing an exit interview on them before they left. So without further delay, here's the interview. -Derek)

D: So, how does it feel to be cooking on the farm with the food you’ve harvested?
H: It’s been fabulous. It is kind of weird having so many vegetables at your disposal, coming from a household that did not have as much variety. Cooking feels a lot more immersive as you have to deal with cooking on an open flame or using the sun oven. There are a lot more factors to consider.

D: What’s the feeling when you get a harvest box?
H: It’s super exciting!

D: Has your diet changed in any way while living on the farm?
H: Yes, but not in the way I expected. My diet of course became a bit more vegetable based, but I also cut other things out. It wasn’t because those things weren’t good, it was because I had a greater appreciation for vegetables.

D: What’s your favorite crop?
H: I feel obligated to say watermelon, but garlic is so awesome.

D: Mulching or weeding the sunflower row?
H: Weeding sunflowers because you can take breaks to reflect on how much you don’t like it.

D: Any closing thoughts on your time on the farm?
H: It’s been very beneficial since I knew I liked this lifestyle. I think it’d be very helpful to people who aren’t interested in it as it might not be what they expect. The experience was really special.