3 csa sheets (8/8-8/25)

WE FINALLY GOT RAIN! Between 3 rain events the past few days, we got 1.35 inches of rain. This is the largest rainfall (in a 36 hour period) that we have gotten all year. This information expresses that: 1. This has been an incredibly dry year and 2, we are incredibly grateful for this rain. it might have saved a few of our crops from complete destruction.

if you didn't get a CSA SHEET with your box recently, we are very sorry! Harvest and delivery is very complicated because we have so many amazing volunteers working with us, and so many different vegetables and so many delivery sites! Thanks for being understanding. I have posted most of the newsletters on our webpage ( mustardseedfarm.org ) so you can read the farm side of it, (and we will try to remember to give you your copy next week.) This week we have a recipe for Spanish omelette from our wonderful visitors from Spain - Paola and Luis. We know it's good because they made one for us.

POTATOES, ONIONS, GARLIC: All of these that you receive from now on will be suitable for long term storage (unless they are somehow compromised). They should all be stored in a cool (but above freezing), dark, and dry place. DO NOT store them in plastic bags or in the fridge or in direct sunlight. Do not wash them until you are ready to eat them. the onions and garlic are done curing (drying down) and should be very stable for many months. The garlic and onions want to be kept at low humidity, (we hang them in mesh bags) while the potatoes prefer higher humidity and cooler temperatures, like a root cellar. We try to sort these before you get them, but if any are nicked, cut, juicy, or weird when you receive them (or if you drop them on the floor and bruise them) , eat them that week. Wherever you store them, you should check on them periodically to make sure to remove and use any that are starting to get soft or smelly or moldy. We will not give you potatoes every week, but sometimes when we do give them to you, we are trying to give you a few weeks worth.

COME HELP US HARVEST: a lot of our harvest crew has gone back to school. We could really use help on tuesday and friday mornings! if you are interested in joining us from 7am-10am, please text me at least the day before to say you are coming. if you have questions or want help with carpooling, email, call, or text, 2 or more days before the time you plan to come.