The WORKSHARE shift is 7am-10am either Tuesday or Friday, from mid-May through early October. It's best if someone can sign up for the whole season, and find replacements for themselves (from our sub list or from your own friends) when they are unable to come. Each workshare makes a commitment to be either a Tuesday or Friday worker.

During the three hour shift, we will harvest all the vegetables that are ripe on the farm, wash and pack them for distribution. Each worker will be able to take home a full box of vegetables. Usually, there is time at the end of the shift to do some other farm task while the washers finish packing the vegetables.

There will be a crew of about 7-10 people all working together on this harvest and while we work hard, we also have a lot of fun together. Carpooling is highly recommended and there is usually a carpool coming from Ames every harvest morning. We get to see each other every week, do meaningful work together, be in a beautiful place, and by the end of the season we are quite a team.

These harvests are essential to the functioning of our farm, and we will work in many kinds of weather. Please come to your shift no matter what the forecast (unless it’s a tornado warning! – then wait for the storm to pass) and dress for the weather. The farm has some available rain gear, but your own might be better. We will work outside in light rain, and find indoor work while there is lightning. We start so early in the morning because this is the time that the vegetables are at their most plump and delicious, and in midsummer, it is also the most pleasant time for working. Remember, it is windier on the farm than in town and in the morning it can be very dewy and cool.

We will start with 2 weeks of training in mid-May (where you learn all the harvest jobs with a much simpler vegetable list and only packing boxes for the work crew), and then we will begin regular harvests at the end of May.

While it’s ideal to have a worker for the whole season, we sometimes have workshares who aren’t available from May-October, but can come consistently for a shorter period of time (like May until the new semester starts in late August). If we know this in advance, this can work for us.