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jan 27 SWAP!

Hello folks!

Mustard Seed Farm is sponsoring a swap Sat. Jan 27th!

Swap will be at Wesley Hall, the east entrance to Collegiate Methodist in Ames.
-2622 Lincoln Way, near the US Bank Drive Thru

Swap will be from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Bring and invite friends, family, anyone who might need anything.

If you have things you no longer need, bring them to donate to the Swap.

Take whatever you find at the Swap that you need or want, whatever's leftover will be donated to community clothing drives and pantries.

Upcoming SWAP january 27

dear friends,

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a beautiful solstice and a happy Holiday season!

We are planning a SWAP for Saturday, January 27, and we wanted to give you a heads-up in case you were going through your belongings in the next month. Before you throw things away or take them to the thrift stores, think about saving things for the SWAP.

thanksgiving time

Dear friends,

thank you all for all the ways you have helped the Mustard Seed Community Farm this season! We are really grateful to you all!

Winter is coming, and we at the farm are not fully prepared for it, so i thought i would ask to see if anyone was able to help out during the thanksgiving holiday time.

oct 10-13

first week of october

csa news

Dear members,

It’s already mid-september! There’s lots of news in this email, so please read through to the end (or just skim to the part that is most interesting to you).

In this email:
1. Your box this week
2. End of season
3. Cider pressing event sept 30
4. We still need help with harvests!!
5. Season summary so far

1. in your box:

week of sept 22

CSA sheet 9/5/17

these boxes are from a few weeks ago. as noted above - cucumbers are over. the vines have all died.

harvesters needed!

The harvest is plenty but the workers are few!
There are about 2 weeks left of the season and we REALLY need help these last few weeks.

week of 8/29

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