Vegetable Workday: This Saturday, April 10th 12:30PM to 4 PM: at Mustard Seed Farm: 366 W Ave, Ames, IA 50014 We'll be planting onions, planting potatoes, and building a deer fence.

Potluck April 23, at Jen and Steve's - 708 Brookridge Ave, Ames, IA 50010. topic: hospitality, led by Shari Reilly. Food at 6 PM, discussion at 7 PM


Things have been dry on the farm, though a cold, then a warm front came through in the last week left some rain. So we've gotten a lot tilled and some radishes, beets, clover, and greens planted, and hopefully the rain will get those germinated. We've ordered some bees to replace the ones that died this winter, and are looking to expand our fruit sections by a bit. Our rotations and planting plans are still in the process of final set up, but we should have an idea of what space there is for things after we've planted our onions and potatoes, which will take up a good amount of space.


Mid February, I believe.
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and here's the graft.
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Peach Grafting

The farm is starting to have more activity. I went out there with Chantal on Friday to graft a peach tree that had been girdled, and then yesterday i went out there with Alice and checked out the beehives (both dead, unfortunately, my theory is one died of cold, one of starvation), talked to the neighbors, and then we went back to Alice's house and talking about rotations and planting plans.

Nicholas is back in Ames

So I'm back in Ames, for my last semester as an undergrad at Iowa State. So far, I've learned that robins don't technically migrate, they just follow food, so it isn't unusual to see them during the winter in certain microclimates. I also learned alot in Mexico, see pictures of that after the jump.

2nd annual craft retreat

This year the craft retreat was down in southern Iowa, at Strangers and Guests CAtholic Worker Farm in Maloy. It was super fun for me to learn some new skills - i especially loved the rag-rug weaving. It was renewing and inspiring to see many friends from other Catholic Worker farms and houses in the midwest. We also made baskets, candles, bread, cheese, and did folk dancing and knitting. Here are some photos of the amazingly complicated but elegant loom process.

pot-lucks and round-table discussions

Come to our pot-luck this friday Jan 22 at the Blaedel's house: 900 idaho ave, ames, iowa. topic: personalism.

6pm food, 7pm discussion. all in the town of ames.
upcoming pot-lucks:

Feb 19 at Donna's house, NE corner of 8th and douglas - big white house with cupola in front yard. Leader:Gary Guthrie, speaking on Fidelity and Fecundity - the fruits of our faithfulness.
March 26, at Jim and LInda's 5019 Keats ST. Led by Rhiannon Hanson.
April 23, at Jen and Steve's - 708 Brookridge. topic: hospitality, led by Shari Reilly.

2009 season summary

2009 Farm season report:


In farm news, we´re working on applying for a NRCS-SARE grant to do some research on cover crops and clover intercropping with the ISU Student Organic Farm and maybe some other people.

sweet potato bonfire, and first frost

If you don't read anything else, please note these 2 things: 1. we are not having any more pot-luck dinners this season (sorry for all confusion). 2. Our sweet potato party was quite nice (thanks everyone!)

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