WE SERIOUSLY NEED HELP! - strawberry picking and more


This has been a perfect spring, with mild weather and plenty of rain. Everything (that we’ve gotten planted) is growing in leaps and bounds. In particular, we have tons of strawberries and weeds! Could you come help us pick strawberries and/or weed? Both of these jobs are simple and extremely satisfying. Or even better, could you invite a friend or organize a group of folks to come out to work together, like a youth group, your book club, a faith group, your family, someone you have a crush on?

The conditions are perfect for both these jobs now, but if we can’t get on top of things, I fear our farm will just be a tangle of weeds and rotten strawberries. i know from experience that we are on the brink.

Thank you to all the friends that came out and helped pick strawberries today. Everyone went home with lots of strawberries for themselves, friends, neighbors, and the food pantry.

If neither of these 2 tasks seems exciting, we do have a plethora of other tasks that could use attention, from hard physical workouts, to construction, planting, and tricky problem solving.

Besides doing fun work with you, we can also talk to your group about faith, justice, sustainable living, ecology, food and nutrition and more (if you like). If you know a group that wants to come out, but they can’t come soon, we would love to have them when they are available, AND we seriously need help now.

We are picking strawberries Tuesdays, Fridays 7am-10am, and Sundays 11-2 (except this coming Sunday, it’s 1-4pm) for the next few weeks. If you want to do other things, you can come at these same times, and many more – please call me and we can schedule something. If you are able, please call or text to let us know you are coming so we can plan accordingly.

With much gratitude,
(And a little desperation)
alice mcgary
mustard seed community farm
and catholic worker