u-pick potatoes? and potluck schedule

hi everyone,

upcoming events:
saturday july 23 morning workday - harvesting potatoes, onions, and weeds (optional flower picking) 8am-noon.
saturday july 23 6-8pm. evening potluck and roundtable - spiritual ecology, led by alice and the franciscan associate group. bring an idea (reading, thoughts, questions) to share about how nature inspires your spirituality and/or how your spirituality helps you cope/find healthy perspective with the ecological crisis of our times. or honestly, you don't have to have answers - these are difficult questions - you can also share things you are struggling with.

Friday july 29 6-8pm potluck and roundtable: challenging capitalism
Saturday Aug 6: 5:30-8pm - potluck and roundtable - class conscious

after many weeks of no rain, and struggling vegetables, we are now getting plenty of rain.
the vegetables are starting to look healthier, but not everything has gone according to plan. we had scheduled a U-pick green beans and flower day this upcoming saturday, but we are changing that plan.

because of the weird weather this spring, we were unable to plant the amount of beans and flowers that i expected. usually we need help picking beans, and i thought flower picking would add fun to a u-pick day. We do have a lot of potatoes and onions that need harvesting. my apologies to anyone who was looking forward to picking beans! if you would like to help us in the morning, you are welcome to also pick flowers to take home (also you could take home potatoes, onions, and probably herbs).

alternately, if you are coming to the potluck, you could come a little early or stay late to pick flowers. there has been some talk about playing some music and doing a little square dancing after the potluck (or maybe playing soccer).

be aware that there's a lot of hot weather this week. this is why we are inviting you in the morning and evening. we have shade and nice breezes, but think about bringing cool refreshing things to the potluck, and drink plenty of water.

hope to see you soon,
alice mcgary