surviving the apocalypse

again, there are some things in your box that didn't make it to the newsletter!

PURSLANE - This is a common weed that also is delicious and super nutritious. it might have the highest amount of omega-3 of all plants. i think its good for everyone to learn some common edibles so that in case of crisis, we all know how to find some food. purslane (and lambsquarters - described in attachment, but not in your box) are extremely common in iowa in recently disturbed soil (like a freshly hoed garden bed). Lambsquarters is nicer in the spring, while purslane thrives in warmer weather.

OREGANO - we forgot to put any herb on the list. this is in the bag with your hot peppers.

we still have aronia berries, so we are still sharing them with you.
i hope you are happy with your food!