Seed Saving and Consciousness: events this saturday

This saturday, sept 24, there will be 2 events at Mustard Seed Community Farm
2-4pm SEED SAVING Workshop
Alice will teach this basics of seed saving, focusing on vegetables, with a little bit of herbs, flowers, and prairie plants in the mix. The class will be a combination of lecture and hands on. You will go home with some great charts of recommendations for many vegetable varieties and some prairie (and possibly other) seeds you have collected.

5-7pm, potluck and roundtable discussion
dinner at 5, followed by discussion a 6-ish
topic: Understanding CONSCIOUSNESS, its importance and relation to the many different aspects of life(environment, society, science, etc.)

Feel free to hang out at the farm between these 2 events if you would like to come to them both. these events will both happen if it is raining - we will just go inside.

also, don't forget our CIDER PRESSING event the following saturday 1-4pm. bring apples and containers and take home apple cider. don't have any apples? look around town or in the country for apple trees that seem neglected and ask if you can pick them. we don't need the worlds most beautiful apples for cider.

Mustard Seed community farm is located at 366 W Ave, ames IA 50014. despite our ames address, we are 10 miles north of town and about 5 miles west. as always, these events are about community and sharing, so there is no fee.

questions? 515-460-1467 or