The bee's knees, part 4

killa bees

The bee's knees, part 3

getting ready to pour the bees in, trying to find the queen.

The Bee's knees, part 2

Giving the bees some sugar to calm them down before I put them in the hive. Dr. Who
This was kindof counteracted by my sticking my hand in the box to look for the queen.

Bees, part 1

bee picture?

here's some miscelaneous workers surrounding the queen box. if you look close, the queen's still inside.

The Bees Knees

This past Friday Nicholas and I (Chantal) went out to the farm to get our new bees started in their new home.
Even though the bees had to deal with the weather being a bit chilly, windy and sprinkling I think they took to their hive just fine. Nicholas has never lead a bee rehousing and I had never been around so many bees before, the event went pretty smoothly. Nicholas only got stung five times while I managed not to get stung at all.

Pictures coming soon!

May Day Fruit and Nut Planting

This Saturday from 10-4:30 we will be having a workday on the farm.
We'll be planting strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, hazelnuts, chokecherries, chokeberries, plums, oaks, and a lot of other things. Also, since it will be Labor Day, we'll be providing our workers with a lunch, partially prepared from the garden, and will have a little discussion on labor (and its fruits(hahahaha)). But yes, that's actually what we'll be talking about. Details below:

Corporate Surveillance

While I'm feeling all blog-happy, here's the google maps picture of our farm, I think from the fall before last!
Anyway, I guess GeoEye is a commercial entity.

Planting workday

Last Saturday we had a workday. Like 8 people were out planting onions and potatoes and building a fence. It was pretty fun, but we didn't take any pictures of them.
We'll have another workday this Saturday from 12:30-4:30. We'll be weeding some strawberries to know where we should plant the new ones once our order comes in, watering some plants, and starting some seeds. Come and help !
Here's the onions our workers transplanted Saturday, more pictures after the jump:


A couple weeks ago we started these seeds. I'll take another picture soon and see how they're doing.
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